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Years 11 & 12

Years 11& 12

coming in 2023

With a rich, insightful legacy started by the Adventist Church in 1901, we are continuing to build on over 120 years of quality education at Hilliard. Years 11 and 12 are a rich opportunity to continue learning in

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We're excited to add to our student offering

Welcome to Year 11/12 at Hilliard Christian School. We are so grateful to have you joining us on our exciting journey to see these years added to our rich educational offerings.

A lot of information needs to be processed when it comes to understanding Years 11 and 12 because of the change from the Australian Curriculum to the 'Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification' (TASC). We have included separate access to TASC for your support.

Please be aware that 11/12 is a work in progress. We are working with the 'Office of the Education Registrar' to get the final approvals for this exciting addition to our school.

We ask for your patience as we complete the 11/12 sections of our website.

Extra information to assist you

Why is year 11 & 12 so important?

From 2020, all young people must participate in education or training until they complete Year 12, attain a Certificate III, or they turn 18 years of age, whichever occurs first. (Education Department Tasmania).

After Year 10, a young person can choose any of the following education and training options, or a combination of these options if the provider/s allow:

  • Years 11 and 12 at any government or non-government school or college, or tertiary provider – this may include an Australian School-based Apprenticeship
  • a Vocational Education and Training (VET) qualification through any registered training organisation.
  • an apprenticeship or traineeship with an employer.
  • Young people with full-time employment, or other specific circumstances, can apply for an exemption to allow them to leave education and training.
What is TASC?

TASC stands for office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification.

This anacronym is a general term that describes the Government organisation that looks after all formal requirements to do with studying in Years 11 and 12. This also includes receiving an ATAR score.

TASC: for parents

TASC: for students

TASC course planner

TASC academic integrity

Why is academic integrity important?

Academic integrity deals with personal and institutional attitudes to professional work and student academic studies. It covers the respect, honesty and integrity shown by everyone towards work completed and work used in the course of a students studies.

Learn about academic integrity via our publications and policies.

What subject choices will be available?

Subject choices for 2023 are currently available from our table. For more information, contact our friendly team and we will be able to assist.

Who will be my teachers?

Hilliard Christian School is blessed to have a Principal and board that provide innovative and wise leadership of the school. Get to know them more here.

Learn more about Christian education

Hilliard is part of the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist School System and is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist church for young people desiring an educational experience based on a Christian philosophy.

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