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Academic Integrity Policy


Hilliard Christian School recognises that it is responsible for:

  • Ensuring the authenticity and academic integrity of work submitted for both internal and external assessment.
  • Enacting procedures that allow the School to assure the TASC that, unless otherwise acknowledged: work submitted for external assessment is the work of the student submitting it and all sources have been accurately acknowledged.


The purpose of this policy is to make clear requirements that will ensure the authenticity and academic integrity of work submitted by students for assessment.


Hilliard Christian School has in place documented and effective practices that provide the Office of Tasmanian Assessment, Standards and Certification (TASC) with the required evidence for them to have confidence in the authenticity and academic integrity of folios or other project work used in the assessment of student achievement for awards in TASC courses.

The Principal is responsible for ensuring there is an effective and documented procedure that is implemented and reviewed.


This policy relates to the School's responsibilities for upholding the authenticity and Academic Integrity of folio or other project work submitted for assessment for TASC courses.


Students are expected to observe the highest standards of Academic Integrity in the work they submit for assessment. The School is responsible for providing instruction that develops a clear understanding of the concept of Academic Integrity and the impact of any breaches on their academic results.

  • Teachers reading or viewing student work must be able to clearly see the student's own ideas and understandings.
  • Work must be clearly referenced to show sources of information and research.
  • All students work submitted for external assessment to TASC must have attached a signed STUDENT DECLARATION FORM countersigned by the teacher.
  • TASC Authenticity and Academic Integrity applies to All TASC courses, particularly for those courses which contain as assessment component that included folio or other project work.
  • Teachers are required to countersign the STUDENT DECLARATION FORM for student work.

In signing the declaration, the teacher (on behalf of the School) is pledging that the work:

  1. was submitted by the required date.
  2. that the provider's documented processes for authenticity and academic integrity have been followed.
  3. and that there are good grounds for the Authority to have confidence in the authenticity and academic integrity of the work.

Breach of Academic Integrity Policy

Breaches of Academic Integrity including plagiarism and late submission risk the cancellation of external results, and possibly all of their results for the year, for both internally and externally assessed subjects. Teachers are required to read and understand the TASC Authenticity and Academic Integrity guides that provide information on how to reference (cite) other people’s information, images, ideas and words below.

Document Information

Document Name: Academic Integrity Policy

Approver: Principal

Last Approved Date: July 2022

Review Date: July 2025

Audience: Staff, Students and Parents

Links Teachers: Academic Integrity

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TASC: Academic Integrity

Custodian: Teaching and Learning Coordinator