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Fee Schedule

Fee structure 2024

Stage Domestic student fees
Lower Primary (years Prep - 2) $3200 per year | $800 per term
Upper Primary (years 3-5) $3500 per year | $875 per term
Junior Secondary (years 6-8) $4000 per year | $1000 per term
Learning for Life (year 9) $4500 per year | $1125 per term
Senior Secondary (year 10) $5000 per year | $1250 per term

Bus Fee

One Way - $150 per student per term

Two Way - $300 per student per term


First child: No discount on tuition

Second child: 25% off second child tuition fee only

Third child: 40% off third child tuition fee only

Fourth child: Free of charge

Other fee information

Extra payments that may be payable throughout the year include

Bus, School photos, Uniforms, School Camps and Year Books.

In 2024 some of the elective subjects may be charged a levy to cover special projects and activities.

Prompt Payment Discount

A prompt payment discount of 5% is available if the tuition fee is paid in full by the due date.

Sponsorship and Scholarships

Please contact the school and arrange a meeting with the Principal.

Fee Assistance

Reviewed on a case by case basis. Please contact the school to arrange a meeting with the Principal

Billing and Payment Methods

The tuition fee is billed at the once per school term. Fortnightly or monthly payments can be arranged by direct debit so as to clear the account by the end of November each year.

Overdue Fee Procedure

If you are having difficulties with paying your fees please contact us to negotiate new payment plan.

If we have not had contact a letter will be sent and phone calls made as a reminder. Accounts left unpaid without contact from the responsible person the debt may be handed to a Collection Agency.