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Complaints Management Policy


All Hilliard Christian School employees are obligated to proactively promote a workplace that is respectful of the dignity of others and is free of any intimidating or bullying behaviour. This includes relationships with all stakeholders including other staff members, students, parents, visitors and neighbours.

Should any person feel resentment about the conduct of any individual which is seen as producing a significant injustice, wrong or an offence to another person, this Complaints Management Policy is the guide to manage the grievance effectively.

Hilliard Christian School's open and transparent response to any grievance is a sign of our integrity towards our Christian values and the Principles of Adventist education.


Hilliard Christian School aims to:

  • Address all complains appropriately and respectfully in a fair and Christian manner.
  • Accept all complaints with grace and open heartedness, with a mutual understanding that the complaints with be managed without fear or favour.
  • Address all complaints with procedural fairness and respect, consistent with policies and procedures of the school.
  • Complaints will be managed with all respect to equity principles.
  • All complaints will be followed up and responded to in a timely manner.


All complaints will be managed with respect to the following Key Principles.

Hilliard Christian School will:

  • Act promptly to investigate a complaint.
  • Actively listen to gain all relevant information and allowing the complainant to tell their story fully.
  • Keep an open mind discuss issues in a calm and reasonable way without prejudice.
  • Make sure a copy of this policy and associated Complaints Management procedures are shown and discussed with the complaints, with steps outlines.
  • Be clear about who the best person to deal with this complaint is.
  • Outline to the complainant any the follow up actions that will be taken.
  • Ensure complains remain confidential.
  • Keep a record of any grievance in the School Complaints Log. - This log includes notes from meetings, interviews, calls as well as other written documents such as letters and emails.


  • Mediation is an option at any stage if the complainant and the person to who the complaint is directed so agree.
  • Mediation is typically facilitated by a person satisfactory to both parties.
  • Meditation information is strictly confidential and as such is not recored in the School Complaints log, unless it involves threats of physical violence or suspected child abuse.


  • If matters remain unresolved, the complainant has the right to seek arbitration through the courts, ombudsman, legal representation and/or other government commissions such as the Human Right Commissions.
  • Any expenses occurred will be the responsibility of the complaints.

Document information:

Document Name: Complaints Management Policy

Approver: Principal

Last Approved Date: 12 July 2023

Review Date: 12 July 2028

Audience: Parents and Community

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Custodian: Principal